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We're a small independent family business with a passion for producing spirits that are genuinely and authentically made in the way that they are advertised. We've been handcrafting our own gin in small batches since early 2016 in our seaside hometown of West Kirby, Wirral near to the historic cities of Chester and Liverpool. To do something well involves doing it properly which is why we produce our own spirits and why we believe the quality of our range is a testament to our ethic.

  • Provenance: our spirits are produced and bottled in West Kirby, Wirral
  • Small batch: we produce around 40 bottles per batch
  • Artisan: each bottle is individually filled, labelled and wax sealed by hand

Our Founder and Master Compounder develops botanical recipes with ingredients inspired by Britain and our local coastal area. It took a year to develop the formula which became the basis of the recipe for our signature international award-winning Darkside Gin.

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Let us take you on a journey through time...

...to a world of clandestine parties and secret speakeasies. Our spirits present the rediscovery of a lost style of production using a process known as compounding. Compound gin was associated with bootleggers evading the law during Prohibition times and was generally of poor quality. We wanted to bring back the concept of compound gin but to a superior quality using artisanal methods and high quality natural ingredients. The process involves infusing botanicals in a premium quality 100% wheat neutral base spirit, to a carefully designed recipe. The aim is to obtain a deep complexity of aromas and a full-flavoured body. These principles apply to the other spirits in our range - the resulting tipples have a natural hue which is retained after delicate filtration so as not to remove any of the intensity of flavour.

Imitation may be the greatest form of flattery...

...but we don't imitate, we innovate. Our spirits are completely different to any other on the market. With intense notes of juniper and coriander and a delicious softness and smooth finish, our gin can be consumed neat as a 'sipping gin' much like a fine whisky. Our fruit cups are made entirely from infusing only real fruit - we don't use artificial colours, flavourings or added sugar. Our spirits have a complex, rich flavour as a result, which also makes them incredibly versatile in a wide range of cocktails.


Award-winning signature gin

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Spring seasonal floral gin

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Three Fine Days

Summer seasonal citrus gin

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Falling Leaves

Autumn seasonal spiced gin

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Winter seasonal aromatic gin

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Fruit Cup

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Figgy Pudding

Christmas limited-edition

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Easter limited-edition

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