About our gin

Can I visit the Distillery?

We are currently working to open our Distillery Tasting Room to the public – follow us on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter, to find out more.

What is the tower on the Darkside Gin label?

The graphic at the bottom of the Darkside Gin label is an image of New Brighton Tower – the tallest building in Great Britain (advertised at the time as “the highest structure and finest place of amusement in the Kingdom”) when it opened some time between 1898 and 1900. New Brighton Tower, on completion, was even taller than Blackpool Tower though the latter remains standing today.

The Tower, and surrounding grounds with their various attractions, typified the Victorian desire to be beside the seaside.

Do you filter your gin?

Our gin is delicately filtered so as not to remove any of the intensity of flavour.
The resulting spirit has an amber-hue which is retained after this process. You may find natural oils or botanicals in a tipple of Tappers Gin which may give it a slightly cloudy appearance – this is perfectly normal and entirely natural.

Do you bottle your own gin?

We independently produce our own gin from start to finish – including bottling it by hand.

What does ‘artisan’ mean?

Artisan means authentically handcrafted. We do not purchase our gin from a contract distiller to be bottled (or pre-bottled) like others: we independently produce our own gin by hand, bottle it by hand, and finish each bottle with a numbered label and wax seal. We do not cut corners: the bottle you see has been individually prepared. We do not use concentrates, essences or oils: we steep only high quality natural botanicals in a premium 100% wheat neutral spirit to a very precise and detailed recipe. This is why our gin is distinct and flavoursome when compared with others.

What does ‘small batch’ mean?

We produce around 40-60 (50cl) bottles per batch of gin making it authentically small batch. The majority produce in much larger quantities than this: you may see the term ‘small batch’ being used to describe production volumes of anything from 300 to several thousand bottles per batch.

What are the origins of the name ‘Tappers’?

Tappers is the nickname given to the Master Compounder behind Tappers Gin: Dr Steve Tapril.

What is compound gin?

By law ‘gin’ can only be described as such if it is a neutral spirit (i.e. ‘vodka’) predominantly flavoured by juniper and has a minimum ABV of 37.5%.
There are a number of methods which can be used to produce gin:

Distilled/rectified gin
Very few gins actually use a base neutral spirit which has been produced from scratch in-house. More often than not, an existing neutral spirit is bought in and then rectified (i.e. re-distilled). This rectified spirit is then used to produce gin. The alcohol is heated until it becomes a vapor and passes through a chamber containing botanicals (which are often layered in a basket). When the vapor passes through this chamber, it will take on the flavour of the botanicals before cooling and condensing back into liquid form as ‘gin’.

Compound gin
This is the method of production we use to produce Tappers Gin. A compound gin is one which has been produced by infusing botanicals directly into the neutral (grain) spirit over time to release flavour, rather than through the process of distillation. At Tappers we compound using a high quality 100% wheat neutral grain spirit and we steep juniper in this first to convert it in to our base gin. We then add other botanicals depending upon the recipe. The quality of our spirit means that it can often be taken neat: poor quality gin, by comparison, will have a harsh, astringent, taste when taken neat.

London Dry
The term ‘London Dry’ can only be applied to gin which has been produced in a very specific way. First, the neutral base spirit must have been distilled to over 96% ABV and then it must be rectified (redistilled) to at least 70% ABV. It may be diluted down to no less than 37.5% ABV and must contain no artificial ingredients. It cannot have any flavour or colour added after distillation and the predominant flavour must be juniper. In short: a London Dry gin is one which has been produced solely through (re)distillation: no essences or flavourings have been added after this process.

Payment, delivery and returns

Can I leave delivery instructions?

Unfortunately we cannot accept delivery instructions. Our products are age-restricted and therefore we cannot arrange delivery to neighbours or for parcels to be left in secure locations (e.g. your porch): a signature from a responsible adult is required. If you are not available when a delivery attempt is made, Royal Mail will leave a calling card and you should follow the instructions on this to re-arrange delivery.

Do you deliver locally?

If you are local to the area (Wirral) we can deliver your order free of charge. Select ‘free local delivery’ when ordering online.
You can also find us at local events so keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook.

All orders out of area are delivered by our courier, ParcelForce.

What is ‘Stripe’?

Stripe is a globally recognised online payment solution which is very similar to PayPal. We use Stripe to process payments for orders made via our online shop. Both Stripe and our website are secure and your payment details are not stored by us.

How have you decided postage costs?

We ship via ParcelForce. In accordance with licensing laws, we require the signature of a responsible adult on delivery. Each 50cl bottle, with protective packaging, weighs around 1KG. Our bottles are made from premium Italian glass. The weight of your order is therefore reflected in our delivery charges.