We’re a small independent family business based in our seaside hometown of West Kirby on the Wirral Peninsula near to the historic cities of Chester and Liverpool.
Our company name, Tappers, comes from the nickname given to our founder from his surname (Tapril) and coincidentally it’s also the historical name given to those who tap kegs of beer for a living!


Founder and Master Compounder

Steve is the Founder of, and Master Compounder at, Tappers. He created the recipe for what became our signature Darkside Gin in 2015 after 12 months of trials and testing. The secret formula behind Darkside is now used to experiment with new product lines and underpins all of the gin in our range. With a PhD from the University of Sheffield (sadly not in making gin) and Masters degrees from Oxford and UCL, you’ll find Steve ‘geeking out’ over his research into botanicals, flavours, and new concoctions. Steve’s passion lies in producing our spirits, rather than in being a showman, so these days you’re more likely to see one of our Brand Ambassadors, or the rest of the Tapril family, out and about.

Favourite Tappers tipple: Steve is not allowed to have favourite children! 😉


Head of Operations

Sue is the brains behind the Tappers operation. She’s the one that makes sure everything happens (and on time) and that all the paperwork is filled out. She coordinates our events, manages our accounts, and is probably the one you’ll encounter over the phone or in-person most often. Sue also helps out on the production side of things so there’s not much that she isn’t able to do! Sue is also our chief taster which means she’s the first to hear about new products – so Mum is quite literally the word!

Favourite Tappers tipple: Eggcentric


Events and Brand Ambassador (Yorkshire)

Steve’s brother, Dylan, was a professional chef in a former life and certainly knows his ingredients and flavours. He has a passion for fine quality food, grows his own produce, and there is no escaping his critical taste buds. When Steve is experimenting away, Dylan is not the sort to hold back on what he thinks! A dab hand in hospitality, Dylan lends his expertise at our events so you’re likely to find him behind the bar serving up a storm (and chatting in equal measures!).

Favourite Tappers tipple: Darkside


Events and Brand Ambassador (Yorkshire)

Gin may not be Nadine’s tipple of choice but she certainly knows quality alcohol from poor and she just so happens to serve up a mean G&T! When Nadine isn’t busy keeping her partner, Dylan, in line she also gives us a massive helping hand at events like the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival. Although Lancashire born and bred, Yorkshire is her home and you’ll also find Nadine spreading the Tappers gospel around God’s Own Country.

Favourite Tappers tipple: Luxury Tappers Gin-infused chocolates


Quality Assurance

Emma is Steve’s cousin and as a trained florist and jeweller you can imagine she has a keen eye for detail and an expertise for making things look beautiful. She’s the only one that Steve trusts besides himself when it comes to preparing our beautiful bottles! Emma writes each individual label with batch, bottle number and bottling date ready for Steve to sign off the batch, and she also looks after our glassware – in short, she makes sure everything looks pristine, beautiful and flawless!

Favourite Tappers tipple: Figgy Pudding